We save the planet from the garbage

Development and production of unique high-tech equipment and systems that have no analogues in the world. It allows for the processing of more than 150 types of waste of hazard class 3-4, heating and ventilation of various premises (production shops, hangars, warehouses, etc.), and solving urgent problems of energy conservation and environmental safety during the operation of energy fuel plants.

We work on everything that burns !

Development of multi-fuel internal combustion engines operating

according to the M-process with the aim of generating electricity from fuel received

during pyrolysis waste treatment



Technology development
and equipment
waste recycling
and waste

Technologies and equipment Aeroenergoprom allows processing more than 150 types of waste of hazard class 3-4.

and production of heat ventilation
and heating equipment
in mobile
and stationary execution

The equipment is intended for heating various objects (oil rigs, hangars, workshops, sports facilities, etc.) both in the zone with a mild climate and in Siberia and the far north.

and production of fuel treatment stations

Stations are designed for the preparation of hydrostabilized fuels that improve the environmental and energy parameters of boiler units.

Energy-efficient drying of highly watered waste

Highly efficient high-speed drying of biological and technogenic wastes with humidity up to 90%.

Systems for 100% purification of highly polluted gases

Innovative highly efficient condensation and filtration unit for pyrolysis and other gases, guaranteeing 100% purification from mechanical impurities and liquid hydrocarbons.

Stationary and mobile distillation platforms

Designed for direct distillation of hydrocarbons: pyrolysis liquids, oil, etc., with the aim of obtaining straight-run distillates (gasolines, diesel engines, tars).

Gas generating complexes

Industrial production of synthesis gas and generation of electric and thermal energy in gas turbines or internal combustion engines.

Gas generating complexes

Industrial production of synthesis gas and generation of electric and thermal energy in gas turbines or internal combustion engines.

Industrial Software Development

Development and production of software for process control systems.


We develop cleaning and clarification technologies for pyrolysis liquids and other petroleum products. We create alternative fuels for use in various industries. Conduct a comprehensive study of physical and chemical properties of the pyrolysis waste products.

Our laboratory is equipped with modern high-tech research equipment.
Our research chemists have degrees and have serious research experience.



LLC Aeroenergoprom Plant is an innovative industrial engineering enterprise, a resident of the Republic of Belarus, a resident of the Minsk Science and Technology Park.

Specialization — the development and production of unique high-tech equipment and complexes for the processing of waste and oil wastes, which have no analogues in the republic and neighboring countries

The following units are part of the enterprise:

  • Manufacturing facility;

  • Assembly workshop for the main equipment;

  • Department of Automation;

  • Software department;

  • Design department;

  • Chemical Research Laboratory;

  • Laboratory for testing non-standard types of fuel derived from waste;

  • Laboratory for the development and production of multi-fuel engines;

  • Laboratory of pyrolysis waste recycling;

  • Laboratory for the study of cavitation processes in hydrocarbons;

  • Flue gas cleaning laboratory.

We have two doctors of sciences, one candidate of chemical sciences and one chemical technologist.




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